With more and more users in the world going to their mobile phones instead of their desktop to look for information and access different websites, it is crucial that websites have to be optimized to appeal to the vast majority. In Singapore, the web design industry has been blooming with many web design services Singapore providers that are adapting to this trend and changing their approach to web design. Therefore, in this article, we will seek to address the different strategies that a web design agency can adopt and implement in their web design projects.

Optimized for Mobile

When you start to think about optimizing for mobile, one should consider the smaller screen size and optimize content and pictures to fit that screen size. Acknowledge that your website will look different as compared to desktop. One should start to shorten down the content so that it can fit well with the smaller screens and determine if the call to actions and buttons work well on the mobile. Start to think about the key elements of your website and size them down appropriately; they include: the headers, the interactive elements, the footers, and even the contact button on your website.

Content Vs. Pictures

When someone uses the desktop to look for information in a website, usually they would be comfortable with looking at a large chunk of words and content. However, when it comes to mobile, your content has to be shorter and the focus should be on your images and animations. Use them wisely to capture attention and get users to stay on your site for a longer period of time.

Simplicity Is Key

When you are designing a website that is optimized for mobile, it is more effective if you stick with perfecting the basic elements of your website and present everything simply. As mentioned above that it is all about capturing your users’ attention and presenting content simply, thus your whole website should present everything simply. Having over the top graphics might not help your mobile perform optimally.

Loading Speed

This brings us to the next point. When your website’s elements are simple and not over elaborate, this helps with your site’s mobile loading speed. Do note that most mobile users are running on 3G or 4G connections and do not have the luxury of running on fast Wi-Fi speeds. Thus, their phones may not be able to accommodate to large file sizes and extremely elaborate video clips and animations. In addition, ensure that your website’s images are sized down to not only fit the mobile screen, but also optimized to ensure that your website can run at a fast speed.

User-Friendly Forms

Lastly, your call to action button or form on the website is super important to ensure that you receive the lead. Ensure that there are not too many things that the user has to fill up. Make enquiry easy so that you can follow up with them easily.