If you are planning to run a campaign on google ads. What is the final but the most

important step in doing so? Yes, It is the ad copy. So it is time to step into the role of a copywriter. Creating a compelling ad copy defines the success of the ad. It is important that you grab the attention of the audience in a short span of time to convert. As the

 Best adwords agency in Dubai we can say that you don’t have to be an eminent and highly professional in the literature to create an effective ad copy. Creating a compelling Ad copy can be broken down into parts. Here are the things that have to be taken into consideration to create an effective ad copy

  1. Make it Relevant

While creating the ad copy, always keep in mind that you create the copy keeping the objective of the ad and the audience. So it is important that the copy must be relevant to the ad showing and its objective.

  1. What makes You Unique

You are likely to compete with hundreds or even thousands of people who offer the same goods and/or services. Somehow, you need to stand out. When you wished to start your company, think back. What would you like to do otherwise than others? That’s typically your single point of sale.

State your unique selling point in the ad text to prospective customers. It’s got to be quick and till the end. With this one, many people need help, because it can be difficult to convey such a great passion and dream into one short statement.

  1. Have a Clear Call To Action

Your unique selling point is what entices you in your text, and then you’ll have to tell them what you want them to do. This is known as call-to-action.

What is your next step in the sales process? Will you name the prospect? For more details go to your website? Okay, spell it out in the ads so it’s crystal clear.

  1. Create A Sense of Urgency

Another well versed practise to create a perfect ad copy is create a sense of urgency in the reader’s mind. This will help in creating a sense of urgency in the mind of the

readers to take a call to action at an immediate effect.

  1. Identify The Audience

It is always important to know your audience who are searching for the keywords. Spend time researching the people who are into your service. The ad should serve them. Knowing Your audience becomes an important part of writing an ad copy.

To Conclude

You don’t have any magical formula to know which works or which doesn’t. It is always trial and error when it comes to writing effective ad copies. Structure the ad copies correctly test it out with variations and you will eventually find out what works or what doesn’t work.