Before contacting a web agency, it is strongly recommended to write your own specifications, think carefully about the design of the site and above all think carefully about all the elements.

You should not be satisfied with just any turnkey site, you should rather think about a website that combines the different features that can be on the one hand useful to visitors and able to generate qualified traffic and sales of somewhere else.

Choosing your web agency: an important strategic action

The selection of your provider needs a fundamental knowledge of the projects at least and the sort of services it provides. This selection will consequence in the gratification of having commended your project to the finest agency.

Ask the right questions

Unquestionably, you must ask lots of questions at the time you wish to compare diverse providers to make the accurate choice. The objective here is to fully understand how a service provider can manage the development and monitoring of your project.

Communication with providers

Preferably, it is better to choose two or three providers to whom you send your specifications by email. A telephone appointment or a physical meeting with the service provider’s sales representative is then necessary to discuss the details of the project and to obtain relevant advice. You must now ensure that the web agency offers clearly planned acceptance phases:

Drafting of the specifications

The specifications are a very important document because they reformulate all of your needs in writing. It must be well written and validated by the head of the agency to confirm the agreement and the various points exchanged between you two.

Graphic design

Your provider should give you the choice regarding the appearance of your site. Its role is therefore to create a set of tailor-made models and logos and to offer you several graphic kits. He must not in any case impose a model of his choice, the final decision is always yours.


Comrade web agency Site SEO starts with the design, even before you start creating it. It is worked through the general architecture of the site, the content and links of the SEO Company between the pages, the way to organize its code and especially the technology used.