Every serious company knows that having a top-notch website is a must. After all, you’d be hardpressed to find an acclaimed company that doesn’t run a well managed, well-designed one. And trust us when we say that they’ve spent a lot of time and money to ensure that their website is as good as possible. But, building your own website, you might run into a bit of confusion. Considering that there have been many web design trends in the past couple of years, you might not be sure as to which one to go with. Well, don’t worry. What we’re going to do is to go over certain web design trends that will never go out of style.

Our pick of web design trends that will never go out of style

Before we start listing web design trends that stood the test of time, there is something we should make clear. Even though using these design trends are usually a vise decision, remember that they are not set in stone. Know that people usually value creativity above all else. Therefore, if you have a creative web design idea, don’t shy away from customizing your web design. Just do yourself a favor and consult with a professional web designer before you do.

Mobile-friendly design

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you are probably aware that mobile phones are here to stay. It is hard to imagine today’s world without our trusted phone at outsides. Some studies show that people spend on average 3,5 hours per day looking at their phones. Therefore, it should come to an as little surprise that focusing your website for mobile-friendly design is a smart choice. By making your website mobile-friendly you will reach your targeted audience much more easily.

The more platforms you can optimize for, the better.

Alt: A single website on different platforms.

Furthermore, if your clients need to check something on your website, it will be much easier for it to be easily accessible over the phone. And, if you need to maintain your website with companies like WP Full Care, doing so will be much easier if you can check it properly with your phone. All in all, there are so many benefits of going for a mobile-friendly is a vise choice, that you’d be hardpressed to find a reason not to.

Modular design

If you plan on running a website that is heavy on photos, then the modular design is the way to go. Organizing your content into boxes may seem outdated. But, it is actually quite a cost-effective way to both keep your website neatly organized and well running. Modular design allows for easy implementation of other design aspects, which is what makes is so ideal for numerous websites. So, if the information you need to provide is best organized into boxes with equally important content, modular design is the way to go.

Minimalist style

When done right, minimalism is easily one of the trends that will never go out of style. This goes for art, home, food and especially for website design. “More is less” should definitely be the idea that drives your website as you want everything to be short and sweet. This is especially true if you also consider maintenance and safety. After all, regular maintenance is as important as design, which is why minimalist design should be your go-to choice.

A minimalist website allows for easy alterations and fixes.

Alt: Programming lines related to websites.

Keep in mind though that properly implementing a minimalist design is easier said than done. It takes a lot of experience and skill to condense all the information a website has down to a fraction of its size. But, if done properly, a minimalist website is a joy to visit and navigate. Ideally, your website should provide vital information in as little time and space as possible. And, as it turns out, that is what minimalism is all about.

Using animation

The animation is another web design trend that, when done correctly, can be truly astonishing. For a while, having an animated website was all the craze. Everyone wanted as many animations as transitions as possible, that you’ve had websites stacked to the brim with them. But, this overabundance of animation has passed. While it can be quite interesting to visit a highly animated website for the first time, the animation tends to get old quite quickly.

But, this doesn’t mean that a well-placed animation is not welcomed. Far from so in fact. If done properly, the animation you use can be the hook of your website that helps it stick in people’s minds. And, trust us when we tell you that having such a hook is a marketing dream. So, while animations are one of the web design trends that will never go out of style, you need to use them selectively and wisely. A minimalist use of animation, if you will.


If you are looking for a way to make your website easily recognizable, then illustrations are the way to go. By hiring a professional illustrator you can avoid using stock art for your website and make it stand out. Our advice is to find an illustration whose style you like and stick with them. People tend to remember illustrations, especially if they are thematically connected to your website. So, make sure to hire an illustrator who knows what website’s brand is all about.

Using illustrations is one of the best web design trends as they can be quite memorable.

Alt: An illustration of a unicorn running, showing one of the better web design trends.

Color gradients

Along with animation, color gradients are a terrific design choice. Especially for art websites that want to have a sense of flow and grace to them. Now, every professional web designer will tell you that picking the right colors for your website is vital. But, they are even more so important when it comes to using gradients. A slow transition from one color to another with some drawings implemented can be all you need for a terrific website. This is why a lot of people still opt for gradient color design as it is an inexpensive way to make your website pop. Especially if you combine it with a well-made animation.