MintVine is an online research marketing platform that offers different opportunities for people to earn extra money for various online activities. It is one of the many survey sites online used by businesses and organizations interested in gathering research information that will give them insight into customer’s opinions and needs. It also promises lots of prices and cash earning just for sharing your thoughts and opinion on different products. While several sites are offering the same service, are some other survey sites but in this review, we would be focusing on MintVine.

What it is all about?

MintVine is fast becoming a popular survey site to earn some extra cash online. Started back in 2012, they have since acquired over a million members. It was started by the Branded Research Inc. and got accredited with the Better Business Bureau in October 2014. They have been 7 years in business and are currently rated a B. In 2017, they have re-branded to Branded Surveys.

It operates just like every other survey site. Their main focus is in getting opinions of people about products and rewarding them with points for answering questions. They do this through survey forms and each survey is matched to an individual based on specific criteria and the person’s preferences as stated in their profile. Once the points have reached their minimum threshold, users can either cash out or redeem the reward as e-gifts.

Wondering why anyone would want to pay for your opinion; it turns out companies need to know what you think and they are willing to pay for it. Through the use of these surveys, companies and businesses get an idea of their customer’s needs, satisfactions, and dissatisfactions. This way they can tailor their strategies to meet the needs of their customers.

But why MintVine instead of other survey companies? What gives them an edge, over its competitors is that there are various ways to earn more than simply filling surveys? Users can also get rewards for shopping locally, taking polls, participating in focus groups and much more.

Getting Started 

MintVine has an impressive and highly intuitive website. It is easy to use and really attractive. The web design is user-friendly, very responsive and makes it easy for you to navigate around and find your way. To get registered, you first need to create an account. You can either do this through your Facebook account or your email. MintVine makes it quite easy for you to link your account to your Facebook account which just makes the whole process of registering less tedious.

You would need to be at least 13 years old and reside either in Canada, U.K or U.S to be eligible to register. Signing up for membership is completely free and once you are done, you would be required to fill a profile survey that would help them categorize you into a specific demographic profile. Once this is done, you will be sent surveys that match your demographic profile.

New on MintVine? Check out this guide for newbies: 

Earning and Getting Rewards

Just for signing up, you are awarded 200 points which is equivalent to $2. Once a survey is available, you will be notified in your email, and it’s best to act fast before the survey becomes unavailable. Before filing the survey, you’ll be asked a few questions to determine if you qualify to take the survey. In the event of you being disqualified or the survey is unavailable, the company still compensates you for your struggle with 5 points.

Daily polls are also another great way of earning points. You get 5 points for them and if you continue for 10 days in a row, you get an additional 25 points which totals 75 points credited to you. There are also great local deals on products at fantastic prices that can be purchased through MintVine. You can earn money by purchasing these products as well. Referrals are arguably one of the best ways to earn points next to survey filing. You get 15% of the points of the person you referred each time the person fills a survey.

The minimum threshold for redeeming points is 1000 points which are equivalent to $10. You can get paid via PayPal or Dwolla online wallets. If you are a gift card person, there are also slots for you to get paid through Tango gift card which allows you to pick from any of their participating retailers (Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, etc.) it takes just about 48 hours to process redemptions and a valid phone number is required to cash out rewards.


  • MintVine offers several other opportunities to earn rewards apart from filling a survey. This makes it easier to reach the minimum threshold quickly.
  • Good customer service and quick response to customer’s complaints.
  • The point system of getting rewards is quite straightforward and easy to understand. You can easily keep track of the points you earn.
  • There are various platforms for redeeming your points and there is also the e-gift platform that you can cash your rewards through.
  • MintVine has a forum for sharing opinions on happenings around the website which is known as MintForum and is accessible to all members of the platform through the main portal.


  • No company is perfect and that includes MintVine as well. Below are some areas you may likely have issues with.
  • Earning from the referral is not as straightforward as it should. There are several conditions to be met before one can become eligible to earn from referrals.
  • Some users have had complaints about the system, such as change of address issues, problems with cash out button and related problems.
  • Between earning points and seeing them in your account, there is a 14-day waiting period. This means you don’t get your points immediately after filing a survey. This is to give the companies that need the information time to validate answers and avoid fraud, but this can be discouraging and a downer especially if there is an urgent need.

For more, click here to learn more about MintVine and how it works.


MintVine has a lot to offer especially for people who already spend a lot of time online or love answering surveys. The platform has gotten better since inception. Of course, using survey sites as a sole source of income will be a ridiculous idea. However, it is ideal for anyone who wants their opinion known on products used and gets paid for it as a means of earning extra cash and rewards.