As a hosting reseller, you need to provide first-line support to your clients. However, you may not have the server access to provide such support. In such cases, you can ask for help from your parent hosting provider. Alternatively, you can choose a white label hosting provider so that you can protect the identity of the original hosting company. It is also important to choose a hosting provider that lets you create your own packages. This will increase the appeal of your packages.

cPanel/WHM for reseller hosts

Reseller access is a feature of cPanel/WHM that allows the reseller to manage accounts on behalf of the client. Reseller access is granted based on privileges assigned to the reseller by the server administrator. It is possible to create multiple reseller accounts on one server. The reseller uses cPanel as the main control panel. The login credentials for cPanel coincide with those of the WHM account.

Using cPanel/WHM to resell hosting is fairly easy. There are several features that allow resellers to customize their control panel and customize their reseller accounts. One feature that allows resellers to customize cPanel is the ability to add plugins to their accounts. Another feature allows resellers to customize their public profile.

Email hosting

Email hosting is a great tool to help your business grow and stay connected to your customers. With this service, you can easily manage multiple email accounts and have a dedicated customer support representative. Some hosting plans even offer daily backups. It all depends on your needs. You can use an email hosting reseller to host your emails and manage your domains.

Email hosting is vital to most businesses. While you may choose to provide email services exclusively to your customers, you should ensure that your reseller account offers the security features and benefits that you require. Encryption is one such feature that can protect your clients’ email accounts from third parties. In addition to SSL, you can use extensive spam and malware filters with email hosting reseller plans.

Security tools

If you are a hosting reseller, it’s important to use security tools on your servers. These tools help you find and remove security vulnerabilities. Regular software patching is essential to reduce the risk of a security breach. But many hosting resellers fall behind on this task due to lack of time and skills. As a result, they end up paying for security breaches later.

One such tool, SShield, monitors websites on a given server in real-time. It also detects malicious activity. When this happens, SShield will report the issue and notify the website owner. The service will also perform regular checks to ensure that any vulnerability is removed. Once the vulnerability is fixed, the tool will automatically close the security case. If the vulnerability reoccurs, SShield will remind the owner to take action and remove the vulnerability.