VPS hosting is becoming more popular among users these days. Before the time of VPS, dedicated hosting was ruling in the hosting market. For those who were required more resources and control over their servers, they had not any other alternative but to sign up for dedicated hosting servers. Dedicated servers are good to use for those who want complete access over the server for security and customization but though dedicated servers have some drawbacks – it’s expensive. A dedicated server can easily cost over 3000 INR a month in India.

For those who have a small business and medium-sized website, dedicated servers are overkill. And the cost is certainly prohibitive. Not having any choice means they are stuck with lots of excess resources on a dedicated machine.

Then the concept of VPS hosting  introduced which stands for virtual private servers and when you pursue a VPS account, you will be given root access to the server account. What’s more, the whole arrangement is to such an extent that you are the root administrator of the PC. But, that is just a virtual compartment that is put aside using unique software. Subsequently, it is given the name virtual private facilitating server.

Today, you can easily find VPS plans that start from 500 INR a month. Compare that with a dedicated server, which costs over 3000 INR a month. You can save a huge amount of money out of it!

However, here is a contradiction too. With a VPS account, you won’t get the same amount of resources as in a dedicated server. For websites will are just beginners, this is not a problem because a VPS account can fully handle the existing load. And if your website is growing and required, the hosting plan can always be upgraded as per your choices.

So to avoid the confusion about whether to go for VPS or dedicated hosting?  Perhaps this list can help you out in it.

1) If you are budget conscious – choose VPS.

2) If budget is not an issue and your website is growing big quickly and you need more resources- Choose dedicated.

3) If you are just a start-up or running a small to the medium-sized site – Pick VPS.

4) Start a brand new site from scratch and not knowing if it will grow big. – Choose VPS.

5) If you want to have complete control over the website (e.g. install custom modules). – Both VPS and dedicated can fulfil your requirements. Choose based on budget and requirements.

6.) Need a secure server to avoid data breaches – Both are recommended.

6) If you need a powerful CPU to support a resource-intensive application. – VPS usually works quite well but in case it doesn’t, you can pick a dedicated server with extra powerful CPU.

As you can probably guess by now, VPS is usually sufficient for the majority of websites on the Internet. Static sites, forums, blogs, social networking sites, etc. And for the cheap price, webmasters are flocking to VPS hosting rather than having to fork out large sums of amount for a dedicated computer.